See what Lydia had to say about OptimalFit

"One of the best Pilates places I have ever been to. So clean, the staff is so kind, helpful, friendly, and professional. If you would like to try Pilates this is the spot. I highly recommend it!"
- Erika Fuego

"Since I started the Pilates classes my stiff muscles are much better. This is my first Pilates place and I do not think I will find better place to enjoy the classes at the same time that my body work. Teachers are experts on the technique. I really recommend👌"
- Shirley Menéndez

"Sarah is THE BEST instructor I have ever had. Her barre class is phenomenal. She has made the class fun, challenging and exciting. She challenges you to the maximum. You will always have the opportunity to try something new, and you will never get bored. You will soon find yourself look better and have better posture after a few classes."
- Yi

"Excellent totatly recomende. Sara is one of the best for private clases. Great new location"
- Tulio Capriles Mendoza

"Before explaining why this place should have 10 stars instead of 5, I need to share with you all a bit of my "exercise" history. In short, I absolutely hate it. And I don't mean like, I just can't get around to it because I don't have time hate it. I mean I hate it with every single fiber of my being. I joined gyms to literally quit them a month later. I couldn't stand the smell, the culture, the sweat that was left on the machines, the men working on their biceps while grunting and looking in the mirror. It was just awful! I hated every minute of it. A good friend finally suggested that maybe I should try Pilates. I figured I had nothing to lose especially since when I looked up a pilates studio close to my house, this little gem popped up and they give a complimentary class. So now we get to why this studio deserves the highest rating possible: Upon walking in you see a small, intimate Studio that is beyond pristine. It smells delicious in there. Everything is clean and welcoming and inviting. I met Laura, who gave me my introductory lesson and I was hooked. I've been there for almost 2 months now and I can't believe that the girl who hated exercising now looks forward to it. Not only do I look forward to it, it's the bright spot of my day! All of the instructors are absolutely amazing! I've had the pleasure thus far to work with Laura, Sarah, and the owner Vilija. They are so kind and understanding. They never push you more than you can go. They are so positive and they make you feel like you can do anything. This isn't like a boot camp where you have somebody screaming in your face for an hour. This is gentle and elegant and incredibly effective. The exercises are so effective that even though my current schedule only allows me to go once a week for an hour, I can already see my triceps. Yes people, I have triceps! It's exciting to see how your body can transform without having to go through hell to get it done. I highly recommend this studio. I am looking forward to working with them for a very long time. If you're like me, and you dread exercising, I suggest you give this place a try. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would look forward to exercising and now I do. Trust me everyone, your body will thank you for it!"
- Elena Izquierdo

"Optimalfit Pilates is a remarkable studio that provides a number of wellness services that provide total wellbeing to the client. The instructors are extremely well trained professionals that are prepared to attend clients at all levels and accommodate injuries and chronic issues. The best part is that all classes are small, all clients get individualized attention, and the studio provides a comfortable, relaxed family environment. Ready to get out of the noisy gym yet?"
- Laura Larsen

"Such a wonderful gym! I love the Barre classes offered and the optimal fit classes such a great workout and great teachers!"
- The Glowing Gypsy

"If you truly want to learn the Pilates method then I highly recommend OptimalFit Pilates. Vilija and Sara will take you to your limit and leave you wanting to come back for more."
- Jacqueline Hunter

"Excellent instructor, ambient, and customer service."
- Evi C

"The quality of personal training is exceptional. I followed the owner, Vilija when she opened her studio ten years ago. All the personal trainers are excellent and pay attention to detail. The environment is clean, attractive and all the available equipment is kept in good working condition. Everyone is friendly, bilingual and considerate."
- Leona Allison

"Favorite place for barre, yoga and pilates! The teachers are amazing and everyone is super supportive. Love it!"
- Gabriela M.

"Love this place! The staff is amazing and very professional. I highly recommend."
- Vera Guimaraes

"Amazing and motivated instructors, friendly staff, great ambiance, personalized service and professionals. Excellent class choices. Highly recommend this studio. "
- Yoan Lorenzo

"A great place to stay fit and also increase in mindfulness! Awesome staff! "
- Zen Waveo

"This studio is very welcoming and professional. All of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. "
- Lily Gomez

"OptimalFit is a studio with a very welcoming atmosphere with very professional instructors. I highly recommend it. "
- Carmen Sotolongo

"I have been a client for the past three years and no matter who works with me, they are all helpful and patient with my issues. Vilija has lots of peaceful energy and it is felt the minute you walk in. "
- Maria Quintana

"Very special place with well qualified instructors."
- Margarita Avila

"The greatest place ever! Thank you to all the staff...!"
- Romel Fuenmayor

"Love this studio and the instructors!!"
- E O

"Es un lugar maravilloso, lleno de profesionales respetuosos y quienes imparten sus conocimientos con mucho amor . Gracias a todos han llenado mi necesidades de salud fĂ­sica y mental."

"A wonderful experience. The place is warm-welcoming friendly and energizing, with very experienced instructors. My favorite is the Barre classes but all classes and programs are great."
- Horten PB

"excellent and peaceful place. Great and friendly trainers all classes are very well manage. I feel each class has or belongs to the wright instructor. I feel welcome every time I take a class or Attend the studio."
- Janet Lilian Gonzalez

"This studio has brought my health back to me. My spine feels better and I am taking Yoga classes many times per week."
- Sergio Guzman

"Excellent studio and instructors. I highly recommended it."
- Margarita Avila

"Best studio in Miami... I love the new me. Thanks girls !!!"
- Dannia N Giovanni Roa-Fonseca

"Excellent studio and exceptional instructors."
- Irene YogaDew