Vilija Conley

Vilija Conley

Like you, I’m someone always looking to improve my quality of life while dealing with the demands of a busy daily schedule. I like to thrive rather than struggle; so I look for ways to find more time for self, family and friends, to manage stress better, eat well, exercise and get enough rest. I love helping very busy women and men just like you to find more time for themselves, to experience the benefits of Pilates, to build healthy bodies, eat real food and feel amazing.

My first job involved physically demanding work and I needed a good fitness program to keep strong and healthy. My first “fitness routine” started 20 years ago while working on cruise ships and my desire for a fit and healthy body grew stronger. My fitness program grew from running to weight training, to spinning, to yoga, and then pilates. I enjoyed seeing the changes to my body and practicing pilates so much that gradually it became my career.

When I started my first Pilates training over 10 years ago, I fell in love with the system and decided to take my training to the next level by becoming a certified Classical Pilates instructor. Initially I thought what did I get myself into! ­ because Pilates was more demanding than ever I expected. Pilates not only challenged my body, but also my mind ­ it was something very hard to get. By practicing and teaching pilates I became passionate in sharing this system of body and mind discipline. My career involved working in various gyms, health clubs and spas in the Miami area. I opened my studio OptimalFit Pilates, six years ago as a result of my passion for Pilates. “Now, my clients make my day! I really do love what I do!”

About two years ago, I decided to compliment my Pilates training offerings with a Health Coaching program. I am a firm believer that the Integrative Nutrition program that we provide fulfills the needs for today’s fast paced world. We have so much information on the internet, yet it can all be be so confusing and time consuming. In addition, four years ago I gave birth to her daughter Satya, who was born at Miami Maternity Center, without the need for medications, in a completely natural way! With Satya’s birth I endeavored to learn how to raise a child with the proper nutrition. As a mother and a busy woman, I understand women and their daily challenges so well. My mission is to help families to become healthier and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of my most important goals in life is to help people realize the connection between fitness and health, and to help them build a wellness foundation where the essentials are always present. When my clients experience this connection themselves, we become a strong team for personal change and for change in the world. A world where individuals are consistently striving for Optimal Health and Fitness!

Sarah Michelle Lovern

Sarah Michelle Lovern

My physical journey began at a young age as a professional dancer which led to branching out into many other physical activities along the way, two of them being Pilates and Yoga. I started as a practicing client at OptimalFit Pilates soon after suffering an ankle injury during my season with the Miami Heat Dance Team.

Soon I became a loyal believer in the Pilates method and how much it could benefit one’s mind and body in the process. Wanting to share the benefits of a Pilates and Yoga practice with others, I pursued the YogaFit certification followed by the Classical Pilates Education certification program. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of practice with her fellow teachers and students.

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz graduated in Havana, Cuba in 1994 from the Physical Education masters program in sports and fitness and became specialized in sports injuries. He inherited a passion to help others and is been currently working as a Pilates instructor and as a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida since 1998 treating people in acute or chronic pain; therefore, he owns a full understanding of the relationship between movement, biomechanics, ergonomic assessment and Human Factors and health. After many years of experience working with clinicians and experts in pain management with athletes, corporate employees alike, he had learned, teach workshops and developed skills in ergonomics, manual therapies, rehabilitated people with Pilates exercises and strength to provide functional and measurable results with clients. Understanding that musculoskeletal disorders often stem from a lack of physical and/or mental health, using preventive and supportive approaches that are scientifically-based which will decrease injuries and pain.


I have a lifelong commitment to wellness,optimal health and a balanced lifestyle.

I have had the privilege of studying with many talented teachers, as well as teaching yoga in Boston, New York and Miami.

I discovered Pilates by meeting Vilija Conley through a mutual friend.

I fell in love with the discipline and mental and physical connection taught by Joseph Pilates and The Classical Pilates Method.

Coming to this studio as a client, I was very impressed with the integrity of Optimalfit Pilates studio, the sense of community created here, as well as highly trained, knowledgeable and professional instructors.

I am delighted to be a part of this team and contribute to the wellness and vitality of our clients.