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Pilates is a great workout for your core, legs, and even upper body that even busy moms can fit into their day. Discover how Pilates can help you build a lean, toned, healthy body.

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Intro to Pilates

Complimentary Intro to Pilates Workshop

It's your introductory session to Pilates. We get to know your body and you yours! We work on the precision and flow, creating a very unique experience for your body and mind. At the end of this workshop we stay for another 15 minutes to answer all your questions. Offered twice a month.

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New Client Special - Intro to Pilates Equipment Classes

3 Private Introductory Sessions $149
3 Duets - Semi Private (price per person) $99

Barre Class Package

Barre Class Package

Our new Barre Class program is open to all levels and a great choice for your 1st class. This is an exceptional one hour program using a ballet barre that creates an intense workout using ballet, pilates, strength, and flexibility training that will sculpt your entire body. The classes are choreographed to the hottest music in a fun, supportive, and high-energy environment.

First Time Client Special
Unlimited Barre Classes
$59 first month
First Time Client Special
1 Class
8 Classes ($20 per class) $160
12 Classes ($18 per class) $220
Unlimited $369

Group Classes

Pilates, Yoga, Barre & Personal Training

Group Classes

All Clients Must Complete New Client Assessment Before Enrolling in Pilates Equipment Classes.

First Time Client Special
Unlimited Barre or Yoga Classes
$59 first month
First Time Client Special
1 Barre or Yoga Class
8 Classes ($20 per class) $160
12 Classes ($18 per class) $220
Unlimited $369

Group Class Commitment

Requires 12 month contract and autopay - Package expires in 30 days

Unlimited $319 Buy Now
8 Classes (per month) $130 Buy Now
12 Classes (per month) $180 Buy Now

Pilates Apparatus Classes

8 Classes $200
12 Classes $300

Semi-Private Classes | 3 people

Semi-Private classes are designed for 3 people practicing Pilates at the same level. An initial assessment session by an Optimal Fit Pilates instructor is required prior to beginning the duet lessons.

1 session $60
4 sessions ($55 per person) $220
8 sessions ($50 per person) $400
12 sessions ($45 per person) $540

Private Sessions

Pilates, Yoga, Barre & Personal Training

Private Sessions | 1 Person

1 session $90
4 sessions $340
8 sessions $640
12 sessions $900

Health Consultations


Integrative Nutrition Health Consultation

1 Health Consultation Free

Integrative Nutrition Health Consultations | 6 Month Programs

Program includes bimonthly sessions with health coach

Individual sessions $180/month
Individual sessions $900 in full
($180 discount)
Duet sessions $105/month
per person
Duet sessions $525 in full
($105 discount)
Group sessions (3 person min.) $60/month
per person
Group sessions (3 person min.) $300 in full
($60 discount)

Terms and Conditions

Refunds, Expiry Dates, and Cancellation Policies


All packages are non-refundable
All packages must be completed within 60 days of purchase


All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to allow rescheduling. Failure to provide 24 hours advance notice will result in full charge for the session.


Missing a lesson/schedule without notice will result in full charge for the scheduled session.


Everyone must wear socks during each Pilates session. This is a sanitary regulation of the State of Florida, USA.


All sessions are 55 minutes in length.