Aerial Yoga Intro Offer:
$59 Unlimited Classes for First Month

First time clients only


Increase your fitness levels


Tone your body


Learn how to breath

Aerial Yoga

Whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce stress, or increase your flexibility, our yoga classes are for you! Our groups are small so we can focus on your individual needs.

Our classes help increase your energy levels and help you become more confident and feel good. They also help you improve your health, performance and overall level of fitness.

The art of yoga lies in learning how to focus and generate energy into different parts of the body. Yoga poses are highly refined tools which enable you to get physically fit in specific ways, strengthening and building on your energy at your own pace. Yoga aligns and remolds the structure of your own body to an inner sense of what it needs.

No yoga or aerial experience needed–this class is perfect for the complete beginner. In the Intro to Aerial Yoga class, you will stretch, swing, invert, build strength, learn about yourself and your body while you are supported or suspended in an aerial yoga hammock.

First Time Client Special
Unlimited Yoga Classes
$59 first month*
Single Class $25
8 Classes ($17.50 per class) $140
12 Classes ($15.00 per class) $180
Unlimited $269

*Receive a $20/month discount on Commitment Program pricing if you enroll before the end of your first 30 days First Time Client Special!

Group Class Commitment

Requires 12 month contract and autopay - Package expires in 30 days

Unlimited (as low as $9 a class*) $219
8 Classes per month ($13.75 per class) $110
12 Classes per month ($12.50 per class) $150

*Based on coming to class everyday.

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