Aerial Yoga Intro Offer:
$59 Unlimited Classes for First Month

First time clients only


Increase your fitness levels


Tone your body


Learn how to breath

Aerial Yoga

Our Aerial Yoga is a modern style of yoga that incorporates a low-hanging soft fabric hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension, hang around upside down, and have fun! It’s appropriate for anyone including beginners with no yoga experience. For experienced yogis, aerial yoga will add a new dimension to complement your existing practice on the ground. For those with little or no yoga experience, aerial yoga is a great place to start. Every class includes decompression, supported inversions, core and upper body strengthening, deep relaxation, and fun! This class is appropriate for anyone whether or not you have previous yoga experience.

This class is great for:

  • Beginners to aerial or yoga
  • Experienced yogis who want to learn a different way of practicing yoga.
  • Experienced aerialists who want to learn a different way of practicing aerial.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their body awareness and mental strength and focus.
  • Any adult of any age.

Certain medical conditions can make this class inappropriate. These include but are not limited to uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, glaucoma. Please check with your doctor if you are uncertain, and contact us with any questions.

First Time Client Special
Unlimited Yoga Classes
$59 first month*
Single Class $25
8 Classes ($17.50 per class) $140
12 Classes ($15.00 per class) $180
Unlimited $269

*Receive a $20/month discount on Commitment Program pricing if you enroll before the end of your first 30 days First Time Client Special!

Group Class Commitment

Requires 12 month contract and autopay - Package expires in 30 days

Unlimited (as low as $9 a class*) $219
8 Classes per month ($13.75 per class) $110
12 Classes per month ($12.50 per class) $150

*Based on coming to class everyday.

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