Pilates and Wellness

Saved the doctor!

By: Vilija Conley

I just wanted to share with you my story about Essential Oils! I can't imagine my life without them! My favorite oil is Melaleuca (another name for it - Tea Tree oil!).

Melaleuca has saved me many doctor visits, including visits to the emergency room as well! I have a 4 year old daughter... One day she was playing in the bath tub, while my husband and I prepared dinner; suddenly we heard a loud scream... She had slipped and hit her chin so hard with a sharp edge of the bath tub that she started bleeding profusely. We couldn't really see much of the cut in the beginning because of the amount of blood that was coming out... I dashed for my favorite Melaleuca oil and cleaned her chin, pouring a few drops on her chin directly from the bottle. My husband wanted to take her to the emergency room because he couldn't tell how deep the cut was. But I remained calm, because I knew that the Melaleuca Essential Oil was going to be the  answer. I was 100 percent sure that we would not need to go to the "emergency" room... Melaleuca saved us the doctors visit and the emergency room! 

This is only one episode of many that our 4 year old has experienced. There have been many more in the past, and we can expect other surprises in the future, but we will be ready to use Essential Oils for the "emergency" situations.


Some ways to use Melaleuca:

  • Mosquito bites (before to prevent, and after to heal),
  • Any skin irritations (cuts, wounds, scrapes)
  • Helps to heal ear infections,
  • I use it for cleaning kitchen counter tops (diluted in water), 
  • Also disinfecting floors, bath tops, bathrooms.
  • Diffuse to clear up the air in a room
  • It's my everyday useful favorite Essential Oil!


If you like to know more about Essential Oils, please check our website for the upcoming Intro to Essential Oils Workshops and register. We can also set up a One-to-One introductory session.