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More Barre classes here at OptimalFit in Miami

By: Vilija Conley

We are excited to be adding more Barre classes here at OptimalFit in Miami!

If you are not sure what to expect during your first class, do not worry. Our Barre classes consist of a ballet-inspired workout that is excellent for all fitness levels, ages, and body types - no dance experience is required! Our instructors will provide you with personalized modifications and adjustments throughout the class to ensure the best and safest possible workout. You will be pulsing, tucking, and shaking along with your favorite songs and the hour will be over before you know it!

The Barre classes provided at OptimalFit are low impact, but we promise you will break a sweat, something we are used to here in sunny Miami! Our goal is to motivate and encourage you throughout the workout, while focusing on stretching, strengthening, and building a mind-body connection. The benefits you receive during class will continue when you leave the studio, keeping you feeling more refreshed, energized and smiling! If you are looking to sculpt your entire body in a fun and friendly environment, call us or go online to sign up today!

Take advantage of our current special - just $59 for one full month of unlimited Barre classes.

See you at the Barre!