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Barre Classes at OptimalFit


We started our first Barre classes at OptimalFit! Sarah did her first Barre class last Saturday! Beautiful class Sarah! Was a such a great flow, music and energy!

I’m so excited to teach my first Barre class this Saturday at 11 am! Ladies, please bring your water bottle and a towel to refresh yourself and replenish your fluids during the sweating!!!

What I discovered during my training for the Barre: increased in my energy and mood! I’m feeling more motivated in anything that I do: teaching my clients, or a class, doing my boring paper work, or spending time with my family, especially my daughter… She is 4 years old and keeping me in a move all the time! That’s what I wanted to share with all my ladies, moms, busy executives - take a Barre classes and see it for yourself! Not only physical energy, but mental focus, coordination will be awaken!

Wow, it seems like a lot of benefits from just  one class! I love it! I always love to change the direction, the paste, the way my body moves… I will never get bored! So and you!!!

But, after the challenging class, please don’t forget to take care of your body! To relax your tired muscles, you can soak in the Epsom salt bath, just before you go to bed! You will feel so relaxed and so refreshed and replenished in the morning! Sometimes we need just a little attention to ourselves, maybe just an early sleep a few days per week, and you are going to notice significant difference. First of all, your day will be more productive, you will be more happy with yourself, will complete more tasks!